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The Cornish girl...

Hi, my name is Laura. I guess I am your stereotypical cornish girl... 90% of my wardrobe is stripy and I'm happiest at the beach. Preferably a quiet beach with turquoise sea. I could happily sit and watch the waves for hours.

But those relaxing beach days are long gone as I am the mother of two lovely little boys so my beach days now involve building sandcastles, jumping over waves and attempting to stop my 9 month old from eating the sand!!!

Despite my love for all things coastal I’m actually a farmers wife and we live on a very busy farm. Growing up I lived in the countryside and loved to go horse riding as much as possible so I guess I am a country girl at heart. I really do love where I live, in that I have the country life on my doorstep yet within just a few minutes in the car and I’m at the beach. If you’d like to know how I ended up setting up Cornish Bluebelle then please take at a blog post I wrote HERE

I hope you like my jewellery. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact me.

Numbers speak for themselves​





I love to make your ideas come to life!

Handstamped Jewellery

The beauty of handstamped jewellery means that not only can you have an item of jewellery personalised to your requirements to make it unique and meaningful to yourself but it's also handmade. Unlike engraving where the personalisation is created by machines to remove metal, I hammer into the metal letter by letter, number by number. Using this method we can design an item of jewellery together that's one of a kind just for you. 


As well as offering a range of handstamped jewellery I am also a self taught silversmith. I love to make sterling silver rings and bangles. I wish to expand this range during 2019. 


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