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Font designs

I just thought I would put together a little blog to help you design your latest item of Cornish Bluebelle jewellery.

I will run through the font options, the sizes of the fonts and what items they work best on.

I don’t set a maximum number of letters that can be stamped on any particular item on my shop. This is because letters had different widths, so the letter M for example is obviously much wider than a letter I.

Font designs 5

Padstow is my ‘all rounder’ font. Its 3mm in size and its often used on cuffs, some medium discs. The most common use for padstow is stamping the capital letters for initials on mini discs.

Fowey is my most used font. Being a larger but more narrow font means I can stamp more words without the item looking too bulky.

Polperro is a tiny 1mm size font and it used whenever I stamp on the edge of a disc. This font is also used when I stamp the ring on the family necklace.

Mousehole is a less used stamp. It is mainly used for the odd cuff and stamping on some mini discs.

Falmouth is just another option I give when I stamp initials.

St Ives is my most popular cursive font. It works well on cuffs and some discs. Being quite wide does limit how many letters I can fit on a disc with this font.

Porthleven is my new cursive font. Being narrower than the St Ives means I can stamp longer names / words.

Bude, this font is used to stamp a large cursive font onto a medium disc.

Font designs 6

Below are some example of fonts.

Madeline – Padstow uppers and lower. Daisy -Fowey. Josh – Mousehole. Mabel – St Ives. Ben heart Kate – Porthleven.

Font designs 7
Font designs 8
Font designs 9

E & B are in Padstow.

Alfie and Summer are stamped in Polperro.

The letter A is stamped using Bude.

Font designs 10
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