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A Little About Me

All of my life I’ve been a magpie, if it’s shiny and sparkly I LOVE it. Playing with glitter as a little girl was my idea of heaven. So really it’s no great surprise I’ve ended up making jewellery as my job. I just wish I knew this was an option at school, it would if saved several years in dull jobs. I was never sure what I wanted “to be”, I’d go from vet nurse, to wedding photographer, to midwife. But I ended up training to be an accountant (let’s just say I didn’t really fit in within the accountancy world, I’d turn up to college with my pink calculator) I found the 3 years of exams pretty easy and had a good job but it just wasn’t me. I met my husband and in 2015 we had our first son. All I wanted to do was be a mum and that was my plan until he started school. Making jewellery was a hobby of mine, I started hand stamping back in 2014, no one really knew about it but bit by bit friends found out and I was urged to share my makes on social media. So after months of encouragement that’s what I did. In September 2016 I took a photo and popped it on Instagram. That very same day someone asked to buy the item I shared. I was in utter shock. I wasn’t ready for this. I had no packaging, no pretty gift boxes, no way of taking payment. But I accepted the sale and I’ve grown and learnt from there onwards. 

I am now in a position where I can say that I love my job. It’s let’s me be a full time mum as I mainly work of an evening when the boys are in bed. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes after a day of parenting all I want to do is curl into bed but most evenings I start work from the moment I say goodnight to the boys and often work until gone midnight. It’s exhausting but I find being a mum and running my own business so rewarding. 

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