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Design your own beaded bracelet



New a very exciting for Cornish Bluebelle – A range of colourful beaded bracelets and anklets using a mix of sterling silver, gold filled and a range of semi precious and other colourful beads.

The beads used have been carefully selected to give each bracelet that beachy look and feel to them. The frosted beads look just like tiny bits of sea glass. The gorgeous semi precious turquoise beads give you all the coastal vibes!

Choose from a range of styles and you can add charms or personalised discs, hearts and stars.

This is a stretchy bracelet so its very easy to get on and off,  no fiddly clasps to bother you.

The bracelet is made to the average UK wrist size and it should fit most wrist sizes. If you feel you might need one made slightly smaller or bigger then please just let me know and I will happily make you a custom bracelet.

Style 1 – Sterling silver beads with a turquoise semi precious beads spaced out evenly around. Looks fab by itself or stacked.

Style 2 – Sterling beads with a row of 8 turquoise semi precious beads.

Style 3 – Sterling silver beads with a little sparkly turquoise glass bead that has a metallic shimmer to it.

Style 4 – The shimmering turquoise beads with a sterling silver bead spaced out evenly around the bracelet.

Style 5 – Tiny 2mm sterling beads with a turquoise shimmering glass bead. This works best as an anklet and matches style 3’s bracelet.

Style 6 – Turquoise beads with a gold filled bead spaced out evenly around.

Style 7 – Frosted blue glass beads with a little white shimmering bead for the Cornish coastal blue & white look!

Style 8 – Beautiful little turquoise beads with a frosted rainbow effect finish to them. These have a pretty patterened sterling silver bead evenly spaced out around them.

Style 9 – A pattern of sterling silver, frosted blue and turquoise beads.

Style 10 Little turquoise and white design for a stripy Cornish look.

Style 11 – Frosted blue beads with 4mm gold filled beads.

If you’d like any of these designs as a choker necklace please just contact me and I can make this for you – but for the minute I’m just going put bracelets and anklets as a choice on this listing.


The inked option on this listing lets you choose whether to have your hand stamped personalisation or design stamp made black or not. I have included a photograph in this listing which compares the look of inked and not inked. Leaving the item without ink gives you a more subtle elegant feel.

If you would like to see more photographs to help you decide then please head to my blog where you’ll find a gallery page dedicated to showing the differences.

Due to the extra time taken to turn the stamping black there is a small charge.


Please refer to the photo in this listing to see the choice of fonts and then select the font from the drop down box. Some items might only have one or two fonts in the drop down box and this is due to the size of the item / size of the font. For more information on the fonts please head to my blog.


Please select from the drop down box if you wish to have a gift box. All of my gift boxes are eco friendly made from FSC certified materials. If you do not wish to have a gift box then your item will come on a Cornish Bluebelle branded backing card and popped into a bag.

Processing time

I will always aim to make your jewellery as soon as possible, usually I can make jewellery within a week. At busier times such as Christmas and Mothers day this will take me longer. Also I often have unexpected busy times throughout the year. For this reason I set my processing time to 2-3 weeks maximum.

A little note

Hand stamped jewellery isn’t meant to always look 100% uniform. Each letter, number and design is stamped into the silver one by one so there will be variations in depth and spacing. This is all part of the rustic charm of handmade jewellery and is not classed as a fault. For information on how to look after your jewellery then please head to my jewellery care guide here on my website.



1 Bracelet, 1 Anklet, 2 Bracelet, 2 Anklet, 3 Bracelet, 3 Anklet, 4 Bracelet, 4 Anklet, 5 Bracelet, 5 Anklet, 6 Bracelet, 6 Anklet, 7 Bracelet, 7 Anklet, 8 Bracelet, 8 Anklet, 9 Bracelet, 9 Anklet, 10 Bracelet, 10 Anklet, 11 Bracelet, 11 Anklet


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