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Want that special someone in your life to carry around a little bit of love, hope or comfort wherever they go? Then I’ve come up with the perfect little trinket. My comfort pocket pebble.

These smooth pebbles fit into your hand and feel really satisfying, it’s like finding a perfectly smooth pebble on the beach but this one is super shiny too!!

These pebbles can be used as valentines gifts, or you can send a pocket hug or a hope pebble to someone you are missing or maybe they just need a little cheering up.

The pebbles can be placed in your wallet- whenever you open it up there’s a reminder that someone loves you and misses you. You could pop your pebble on your desk at work, your bedside table or maybe by the kitchen sink.

Choose from the following designs;

Love you


Pocket Hug

and Love

The pebbles are roughly 26mm in size, apart from the Love pebble which is slightly smaller at 20mm and this pebble comes with a flat back (don’t worry, it’s still feels just as lovely in your hand)

In the future I will be looking to offer personalised pebbles.

The pebbles wont come “inked” meaning the hand stamping isn’t black- it will come as they are shown in the photo. They will come in the fonts as shown.

Pebble design

Love you, Hope, Pocket hug, Love


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