Frequently asked questions

  1. The black ink on my necklace is starting to wear off. Is this normal and can anything be done?
For some people the ink will last a life time and for others it might fade and unfortunately for some it can totally wear off. The rate at which it wears off will vary person to person and it depends on factors such as exposure to lotions and potions (sun cream, perfume, moisturiser) being worn in the shower / bath / swimming pool / sea. Being worn in bed is also a contributing factor. But another less well know factor can actually be down to the acidity in your skin.

At present there is no guaranteed permanent black ink available for hand stamped jewellery. But for most it should last many years.

So firstly please know that it is totally normal to experience some fading.

I will gladly re-ink any item of jewellery for you free of charge. I will apply a few layers to hopefully combat this happening again.

Please just contact me to inform me you have read this and wish to return your item of jewellery to be re-inked. You will need to cover the cost of postage back to me as the fading isn’t a fault, its just something that un-avoidable. But I will cover the postage cost back to you. I recommend you use a signed for service with royal mail.

A final thing for your consideration, if you experience a little fading and actually you feel you might prefer the item to have no ink then again please return the item to be and I will do my best to remove what ink there is left for you.


  2.I have found a piece of sea glass, are you able to turn this into an item of jewellery for me?

Yes absolutely, I would be delighted to do so.

I do have to let you know however that there is a chance your piece of sea glass could get damaged whilst I drill it. Sea glass can be very brittle and the heat and the vibrations of the drill do pose as a risk to crack the sea glass. Some pieces of sea glass are very soft and therefore take no time to drill and therefore there is less exposure to heat & vibrations from the drill. However sometime sea glass can be very hard which means it takes far longer to drill the long and therefore greater risk of creating a crack.

That said, I’ve drilled sea glass for years and years and so far I have only ever cracked on piece of sea glass so I do have a very good success rate.

If you are happy for me to use your sea glass then please contact me and let me know you have read the above and I will provide you with a postal address. I do recommend your sea glass is sent to me using a signed for service with royal mail.


3. I currently own an item of Cornish Bluebelle jewellery and I wish to add to it can this be done?

Yes absolutely – under the extras category in my shop you will find the listing to buy additional hand stamped mini discs, medium discs, charms and chains.