Jewellery care

I highly recommend that all jewellery is removed before swimming, bathing and going to bed. Even if you've forgotten to remove your jewellery in the past when you've gone swimming and your jewellery survived please don't continue to do so as the swimming pools will often top up the water with chlorine and different pools will have different levels of chemicals in them.

Be careful when you apply body lotions and perfumes so you don't get any onto your jewellery. Be extra careful when it comes to hand sanitizer.

It is best to store your jewellery in a dry environment.

If you have chosen for your hand stamped jewellery to be inked then please note that the ink is unfortunately not always permanent. The rate at which the ink wears away will depend on many factors, such as if you do choose to wear your jewellery swimming, also being exposed to perfumes can speed up the wearing off process. So please note that if the ink does fade then this is not a fault, there is no permanent solution to this problem. I am more than happy to re-ink any item of jewellery.

Your jewellery might loose its sparkle over time, which is a totally normal thing to happen with sterling silver, Jewellery cleaning cloths are available from my website and they will restore the shiny sparkly silver.