Bumble bee & sea glass silver mini disc necklace

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A sterling silver mini disc necklace hand stamped with a charming little bumble bee. The greatest care and attention has gone into the design of this elegant bee.  Each line was meticulously sketched by hand to perfect each intricate detail. My design was then turned into a tool for me to create your jewellery. Each disc is hand made by myself and I then carefully hammer the darling bumble design onto the disc. A truly handmade item from start to finish. 

The charming bumble bee is a quintessentially British symbol that we've all grown to love and respect. I am beyond delighted to have created this design which I feel illustrates the the hub of the classic English country garden.

This disc measures approximately 9mm in size. 

Chain length

The standard chain length is 18”, but I also offer chains at 16” and 20”. If you require a different length to these options then please just contact me.

Plain / black stamping

This option lets you choose whether to have your hand stamping made black or not. I have included a photograph in this listing which compares the look of plain and black. Leaving the item without ink gives you a more subtle elegant feel and having the hand stamping made black makes it stand out more.  Due to the extra time taken to turn the stamping black there is a small charge.


Please select from the drop down box if you wish to have a gift box. All of my gift boxes are eco friendly made from FSC certified materials. If you do not wish to have a gift box then your item will come on a Cornish Bluebelle branded backing card and popped into a hessian bag that's been hand stamped with my logo.

Processing time

I will always aim to make your jewellery as soon as possible, usually I can make jewellery within a week. At busier times such as Christmas and Mothers day this will take me longer. Also I often have unexpected busy times throughout the year. For this reason I set my processing time to 2-3 weeks maximum.

A little note

Hand stamped jewellery isn’t meant to always look 100% uniform. Each letter, number and design is stamped into the silver one by one so there will be variations in depth and spacing. This is all part of the rustic charm of handmade jewellery and is not classed as a fault. For information on how to look after your jewellery then please head to my jewellery care guide here on my website.